Weird Resonance Noise playing Vol.6 Psy Trance Kicks Presets with ANA 2

I wanted to make a modulating bass drone where the sustain on the filter envelope is controlled by the LFO… Wont work but in fact changes the sound each time it is played. and yes the LFO is on Loop

secondly ALL the kickdrums in the Volume 6 Psytrance pack have this horrid resonance tone that plays. I don’t know but I actually think the whole drum section isn’t working right. (it’s alright since I have tons of samples but still this is money I paid into it.)

Hey there @Muzikfreq

It could help if you upload a screen shot of ANA 2 showing the settings you’re using to try to achieve this.[quote=“Muzikfreq, post:1, topic:34611”]
ALL the kickdrums in the Volume 6 Psytrance pack have this horrid resonance tone that plays. I don’t know but I actually think the whole drum section isn’t working right

Well, that’s a weird one, because I tried to replicate this and it happens only once to me when I started playing the first Kick in the pack at a lower octave. Then the kick itself & all the other ones when loading them one after the other would include that heavy resonance you’re mentioning.

Now the weird part is that I’ve tried again to replicate it after deleting this instance of ANA 2 inside my DAW, and nothing weird happen this time, no resonance anymore. Also tried to close & reopen the DAW and did the same thing, launching the Kick and try different ( and lower ) octave to play it, and I was never able to get that strange behavior again.

What DAW & version are you using BTW, and is this happening each time on your end ? Maybe you could do a short video and upload it as well.

Everything tested under Live 10.0.6 latest here + latest 10.1b15 Beta here.

I’ll work on getting the info through the week. Thanks.
Also using Live10 and it does happen everytime it seems.

Yep, could really help support IMO, thank you :slight_smile:

As for the Kicks issue in this pack, I will try again to replicate this, it was quite surprising when happening on the first time, very disturbing sound indeed :worried: Now I really can’t tell why it’s not doing it anymore ?? Spooky so far, thus that’s why catching this on a video could be helpful too. Meantime I’ll forward it to support.

Once you’ve managed to upload screenshot & vid, I will probably arrange this into 2 different topics, for now just don’t bother and keep posting in this one. Thank you :wink:

Hi again @Muzikfreq

Well, that spooky one ( The noise with the Psy Trance Kicks Presets ) drove me a bit crazy today…LOL

I couldn’t understand why this would just happen at random on my end. After a couple of time trying to replicate this again with no success, it happens one more time, for all those kicks presets. Since this time it was going on even after closing and opening Live again with a new instance of ANA 2, I was trying to check if this was not triggered by a specific Midi Note/Key and if it would revert to normal hitting the same key again… No luck with that, but then I noticed something else : the Mod Wheel on my Novation Impulse was slightly moved toward the top and not at zero ( it’s very loose on the impulse and moves easily if you just touch it ). I set it back completely down to Zero and after 2 “strong” keys hits, the sound was back to normal. Then I tried to crank up the Mod Wheel to the top and Bingo !! The resonance was there again, and of course, with the Mod Wheel at it’s Max value, it then occur all the time here too.

So, could you please check if that’s not the case by your end ? I can’t see another reason so far, and in a way it makes sense that those Kicks Presets react that way if you push the Mod Wheel to the top, they were not designed to be used with the Mod Wheel action I suppose, sounds quite logical to me as for Kicks.

So if you could please report back if you’re facing the same situation and if the Mod Wheel action was involved in this issue by your end too, thank you :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delay been sick and kinda waffling around.

The phase problem I was having was user error. I forgot to turn retrig on WHOOPS
AND HAH! Thank you that is the case.
While that’s the work around it still is a bug considering it is linked to nothing and causes a resonance issue. lol what a silly bug that is.

Hey again @Muzikfreq no problem for the delayed answer, hope you’re doing better :wink:

Ok, for the phase problem then, thanks for telling.

Well in fact, about those Psy-Kicks presets, someone from S.A team took a deeper look at it, and explained it to me better.

There’s some parameters linked for all those Kicks presets indeed :

  • If you click the “MOD” tab in ANA 2-GUI center panel, it will open up the " Mod Matrix & Macro Matrix" controls area and you will see that the Mod Wheel is assign to “INSERT FX 2 DRY/WET” and this FX 2 slot is set to use “RINGMOD”.

So the Mod Wheel is controlling distortion and it’s dry/wet parameter, if you assign a controller to your Mod Wheel using the Macro in the settings, you’ll probably see that the controller will not reset to a 0 midi value, and therefore it’s triggering the distortion & resonance sound.

I will upload a link to a video later on that will show this better, but you can see the patch assignation on this screen shot and all those Kick presets are patched this way. Still there is a weird behavior in the GUI for the smooth display of the Mod Wheel, but this one was reported too & it’s something else.

EDIT : Here's the vid
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Oh wow. This is awesome. Thanks.
It’s probably me fumbling around on the keyboard since I use an Arturia Keystep which has touch strips and sometimes I hit them which the mod strip is on the right and pitch on the left.
Playing a melody to then suddenly hearing some crazy sound often happens which then causes me to look to see what happened. There also has be times I cant get it back to normal because when I lift off it I sometimes roll my finger.

in short… I need to be more careful or get a keyboard with proper wheels. XD

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