What a great website!

Hey folks!

I’m new to this website, I found you guys through YouTube and must say these are the best Ableton video’s I’ve come across, and I payed a lot of companies for that same reason, not finding what I needed. I’m proud of what you guys are doing and happy to be a part of it!

However, I noticed that whenever I visited your website I was turned off by a lot of things. But I kept returning because of the quality video’s on YouTube.

Here’s why I left a couple of times:

Lots of courses don’t seem to have video previews. When the ‘software’ isn’t mentioned in the ‘course title’, I don’t know what I’m buying… So I leave.

The website navigation is… well… unclear. I’m just lost all the time and some buttons (like ‘checkout’) float across the page in Safari. So I leave.

Video previews are sometimes really small. I’m afraid that when I buy full-access to your website, all the videos will be small and thus useless… So I leave.

I can keep going, but I don’t mean to be critical. Being an internet entrepreneur myself, I love it when customers come with solutions. So let’s get to it.

I think you can convert visitors into customers a lot more efficient, this way:

  • Separate your community from your shop. It eliminates most of the clutter.
  • Use a Shopify shop, they’re clear, look great and work perfectly. (For downloads, use the FetchApp plugin, it’s flawless).
  • Use large preview videos that can go fullscreen. A YouTube embedded player is fine, really!
  • Make a design (like a DVD cover) for every course, even if it is a download. Your designs are great! Right now, there’s too much text and nobody reads anyway :wink:
  • Please mention the software used in the course title or some other clear way, like consistent tags (Shopify?).

    Well, that’s all for now.

    Again, please understand I’m not ranting. I really WANT to buy your stuff but all these things just keep me from it.

    I hope you appreciate the feedback. You guys are still the best!


Some good constructive criticism there.:cool:

Welcome to SA.

Out of curiosity what exactly do you mean by separating the community from the shop?

Hey Krome!

Thanks for your reply.

What I mean is that mixing multiple webApps is usually not a good idea unless you’ve built both from the start up.

This website is a mash-up of a forum, community, newsroom and webshop. That’s a lot of systems hooked into one.

If you separate these (e.g. webshop is hosted somewhere else, but they link back to each-other), you can update each system without having to worry about bugs in the other systems.

For example, to reply to your post…

…I clicked ‘forums’ on the left navigation. Nothing came up, so I did it again.

Now the forum showed up (a cookie problem??)

Next I had to log in, so I did and on the right it said ‘you’re now logged in, efraim’, but in the middle it still had the login form.

These small problems add up the more you merge systems (different sessions, cookies, databases, etc).

This is how my company does it:

Main website: http://www.guimags.com

Webshop: http://guimags.shopify.com

Blog/Community: http://www.TheWayOfTheUnplugged.com

(Extra) Landing pages like: http://www.MockupMagnets.com

Of course, you can go to any of these sites by visiting just one of them. They are inner-linked but not mashed together. In this case, they have a somewhat different feel though, but they could look exactly the same if you wanted to.

Sorry if that’s a long story, but that’s pretty much what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the board mate!

You’ve definitley nailed some of the issues in the site in this post mate and the more new people mention them the more they get noticed. They’ve all been raised in the issues list though, so we’ve been assured they will get looked at as they’re redesigning the site at the moment. I like the suggestions on how to fix, it’s more than I’ve managed to do when I raise bugs.

As for the videos - from my perspective it’s worth absolutley every penny I’ve spent on this site… which in reality is bugger all compared to a lot of places. The tutorials are superb quality, consistant, varied and regular. The money would be well spent. I suspect you’ll have a chorus of people agreeing with me on this point!

hello guys

our new site is literally in development, with some major changes on the horizon including a massive overhaul of the navigation, video previews and lots of other stuff you have been asking for…

we do listen as we want you guys to have a wicked experience on our site so thanks for the feedback and keep it coming

also - we’ll be talking to some of the more advanced users on the site in the next wee while about what you would like to get out of the site

lots of wicked stuff coming your way soon guys and gals!


Thanks for the replies guys.

I agree that the content is splendid.

Also I’ve become a payed member now and have been diving in thoroughly.

Currently scooping through ‘tech trance’.

All I can say is: GREAT stuff!

Good luck with the new website! You guys will do great, can’t wait! :w00t:


Please can we have a new section called “Bouffont’s Soap Box” where I can rant about how much I’m better than everything and that the kids today are out of control?

Haha, I think you should have your soapbox on the site.

It’s the first step to world-domination. :cool:

hahahahaha +1 for boufont soap box :D:D