What about commercial issues on sample packs?

Hi ! I’m a new member of sonic academy, i just wanted to say that i’m becoming a regular member and i’m gonna buy a lot of things on the website i think BUT, one question…

I just bought Sonic Academy Guitar House Sample Pack

If i use theses in my musics and then post it on youtube and become famous with it, what happen ? Is this free of use ? Did you make them or does it come from somewhere else ?
What happen if i use a fully mixed soud and then add a voice on it then put it live?

Whenever you buy a sample pack you are also buying a license to use those samples in your works, however you want and for free (minus the cost to buy the pack)

If you sample from another source where you don’t have permission to sample then it becomes a legal minefield due to aggressive copyright laws where you may or may not be chased down for sampling as it will depend on what you sampled, how much you changed the sample and whether or not the sample is public domain or under copyright protection (usually 70 years after the authors death a work will become public domain and free for use for all)

http://copyrightuser.org/topics/public-domain/ has some good information on copyright

Hi Pierrax, once purchased you are free to use the sounds contained within the pack in your own productions and hopefully become famous!!

Thank you for your answer guys, i was confused because i wanted to verify the origin of it because i think it’s SO good !

I would love to have a guarantee of this somewhere because i did use a piano sample from another website 5 years ago and did 560 000 view on youtube since but i’m still in conflict because someone bought the same piano sample and claim the rights…

However if everything is cool i think i’ll buy the sonic-academy website haha !

I don’t understand why this is free to use it’s SO GOOD it would kill with a voice on the full sampled pack even without working on it…