What about different language subtitles?

Hey producers and upcoming producers,
i just found this academy and would rly like to subscribe it, but im from germany and my english is just bad so i only understand the half of the things they say in their videos and it wouldn`t be worth the money that i pay for the tutorials to go out with only understanding half of the knowledge. So my Idea is to add subtitles in different languages to the videos or does anyone know if its upcoming alrdy? hope the sonic academy team in reading this.
Thanks and sorry for my bad English :smiley:

Hey there
At the minute, we do not have any plans to transcribe the videos to subtitled text.

You can try watching some of the free videos available on the site to see if you are able to follow along firstly. You can then, of course, subscribe for only £9.99 to try it out and see if you like it.

Hopefully, the language barrier will not prove to be too much of a problem for you