What About: Lofi Illusion / 1649

What About: Lofi Illusion

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What About: Lofi Illusion from W. A. Production is an audio sample pack that delivers a 1950’s Motown feel with a 1960’s psychedelic approach to Lo-Fi. Inspired by such artists as Knowledge, Sleepy Fish, Jinsang, and Lofty with the professional sounding quality to match.

Are you ready? Then let’s kick back and relax to the smooth vibes of dreamy chimes, jazzy pianos, and some old school lounge percussion. We believe we have captured and mastered the sound generated from a phonograph, gramophone and record player. The ever so sought after sound that is made by a needle embracing every curve on a vinyl record.

Liberate your mind and revitalize your creative design with this lo-fi delight that comes with snazzy snares, sizzling hi-hats, muffled kicks, vintage hits, gently flowing streams of water, realistic sounds of rain as if falling onto different structure types and airy atmospheres. Hear softly strummed strings, dazzling plucks and plenty of bluesy accents for a soothing sway.

Capture your ideas and enjoy creating a laid back lo-fi daydream when you choose from any of the included snaps, claps, single notes, and chords. The sounds instruments such as a guitar, fretless bass, Rhodes piano, an organ, a flute as well as distinctive sub-bass and different types of bells and chimes. With multiple options and variations, we guarantee no 2 mixes will sound the same.

So keep the vibe chill with the unrestricted pleasure of Lo-Fi sounds that you’ll only find inside of What About: Lofi Illusion from W. A. Production.