What about that Deep House tutorial

The Deep House tutorial is the best I have seen. Gets to the point and some nice little ideas I never knew about.

Absolutely top stuff. For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow… enough of that.

And a side note. Are Sonic at ADE this year?

one thing i didnt understand though is why he turned the velocity up on all the sounds etc and lowered the master?

i cant afford to renew my subsrcription yet so cant watch it and theres no free playthrough vid like there was for last weeks hard dance tut so not even heard the track yet either really really looking forward to it though:)

[quote]deanmau5 (19/09/2010)[hr]one thing i didnt understand though is why he turned the velocity up on all the sounds etc and lowered the master?[/quote]

I think he was making the sounds velocity sensitive?

Anyone know when the second half will be up? I also neve understood Phils mixing mechanics he always Lets so much stuff go into the red and them just pulls the master fader down. I thought in the digital domain that letting anything go into the red is a big NO NO! Anyone know more about this I mean it doesn’t appear to destroy the sound in any of phils tuts.

with a 32bit floating point mixer like abletons there is effectively infinte headroom so going in to the red on your channels makes no difference.

That is a really really handy tip to know Phil lol you really do learn something new every day. So Phil is this how you do your mixdowns just let some of the tracks run into the red an then pull the master down to finally push the whole thing up to 0db when your mastering?

I have no hard a fast rules really… I would tend to try to keep stuff out of the red but dont wory too much about it until im coming to mixing down.

not all plugins run with 32bit floating point so if you are running hot it those it could defo cause problems.

best advice is to use your ears… if it sounds nasty and distored then fix it.

This along with the A Beginner’s Guide to Music Theory series is worth my membership.

Even though I am primary a Logic user, I found the tutorials straight to point.

With great variation on the theme.

Awesome Job! Looking forward to the Part 2

best tutorial yet! can’t wait for the next part!

next part has been up for a few days… sorry should have mentioned it.

Trully a good tutorial.I’m glad that you guys exist

Where is the 2nd part, me looky no findy?

just go to the original deep house course page!