What can we do against prejudiced?

Hello dear folks!br
I have a problem that disturb me a lot, its make me angry every time.br
When I build a new track, it happens a lot that I start building ideas what are actually ok br
by its own, but doesnt fit to the track becouse they develope in another direction, or just doesnt fit withe the topic of the track. So if I hear it on the other day I get angry and try to change and tweak it, so possible it will fit , becouse its to pitty to drop it…br
Anyway this problem slows the producton of the track so much, and its make me angry every time. I tryed allready lots of tricks but it didnt work. br
So maybe there is here in the forum other guys who have the same problem and succed to solve it or to reduce it with some trics. I would be very thanksfull to get many advices.br
I belive everybody needs an individual solution, becouse everybody is different, so what works by someone good doesnt have to work by the other one.br
Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

this is a very common problem. the best advice to give i guess would be to stick with one idea and keep building on it no matter how long it takes. /PPit took me sooooo long to finish my last track and one of the biggest reasons it took so long is that i forced my self to not give up on it./PPit you have a lot of ideas for one loop that’s ok. and it’s ok if all your ideas don’t fit. just keep building on it and eventually you will feel the parts that work./PPpersonally i don’t like a bunch of unfinished track so i would say learn how to build and complete tracks even if you know it won’t be some great chart topping track./PPdon’t give up on your first idea. you thought enough of it to start a song right??:slight_smile:

I think alot of this is down to experience as well./PPAfter you have spent years producing, you learn to get a feel for what kind of sounds will work with other sounds well, and you learn not to go down a specific route with a sound as it probably won’t fit the track well enough./PPYou also become much better at mixing, which is also a vital part of getting different elements of a track to work together well - you have to be able to mix all your parts together well!/PPSo just keep practising, and always try and notice which types of parts seem to sound good together and which don’t.

Thanks for the answers. Yeah, this is as well my problem I dont like unfinished tracks as well. I think what a pitty or waste of ideas. So I try to finish them no matter how long it takes. But I think as well that could be the point of frustration. Maybe it would be better to just drop them. maybe the root-idea wasnt that good and now I try to make from “****” gold. So Its actuallly really a matter of experience to judge when its enugh or what could work. So I will build and build and build until the end of my life … But how you can explain that: when for example youre building something, you think its great and good. but then on the next day you think what happen there, it doesnt fit at all. I think allready this is human weeknes. And the ones who can handle or eliminate that weekness the best,will succeed. So I was asking myself if there is some tricks to bypass that.

I think the reason you sometimes listen back to it and think WTF is because when you are listening to something over and over again it gets stuck in your head and then begins to sound right. But when you take time out and listen back to it another day you begin to hear it for what it really is and can tell whether its going to work or not.br
I find that I can create a lead, drums and stabs without any major issues. I struggle with the bass though and when it comes to arranging I start off well and then either lose track of what I wanted to make this tune sound like or want to start again as its all looking a big mess.br
The trick is to take time out as there’s no point doing something just for the sake of doing it, otherwise you’ll never enjoy the track that you make! :smiley:

I think you catch the point thats disturbing me! I listen to that thing what, for example I drop new into,again and again during the build up ( the part is playing in loop-mode)so my brain get used to it and judge it like its sound ok. Maybe its better for me not to work to much in loop-mode. And to take me like you said a time out. Here I ve got the idea to work for example on multiple tracks. So I just have to know the point when my work ends up to be ineffectiv, and than switch the project to continue on another track. Maybe it will work better. :slight_smile: