What communities are out there to share mixes and feedback?

Hi folks,
I’m curious what resources people use to share their mixes and get feedback and give feedback to others? I know of a few, but they always seem to get dragged down into discussions surrounding musical style preferences, etc, etc. In my experience, professionals are able to listen to mixes in many different genres and even if they don’t like the genre itself, they are able to listen to the quality of the mix itself, the mastering, and the production and give good feedback. Are there any places like that where those of use that are really doing this for a living and wanting to get better and better can go? Any suggestions would be most welcome!

Hi @mbirame here is always a good place to post your tracks. Myself, Phil and Bry make every effort to listen and feedback on tracks posted, and quite a few others on here post feedback too. Not sure where else is good for feedback session sadly.

Hi @chris_agnelli. Thanks for the prompt reply. I will take your advice. I thoroughly appreciate the quality of the education here, so I appreciate any feedback I get from you guys!