What do u think is the best tutorial for a seasoned user

And I dont mean salt n peper!

Which tut have u learned the most from recently and what was it?

I havent watched any for a while so looking for a starting point and this might help

I think there all pretty cool. I suppose the minimal series is aimed at more intermediate advanced people. The last tutorial that i personally really enjoyed was the hard dance tut.

im not seasoned… but i defo think the prog tut is by far the best htsl, the track ya make in it sounds really spot on, and the mixing section was really helpful for me

Theres tutorials on this site?!?!

WTF! :w00t:

i’ve been recently doing the fidget electro house tutorial. **** has been an eye opener.

i dunno if its the best, but it has been a cool 1 that I never did before!

so far the best tutorial where i learned more was the Music theory ones, but the ones that i had more fun with was the Fidget House , wich is not something that i like to produce, but the synth programing for fidget was so much fun .

Apart from the new minimal tut (ha no surprise there) The Music theory and the all the tec tips are superb :slight_smile:

Look forward to more music theory


[quote]howiegroove (19/11/2010)[hr]practice.[/quote]

I didnt know there was a pratice tutorial howie, I shall have to look into that.

Do you have a link… … … :hehe:

sure, you should have it. look harder. :wink: