What do ya need before yr where y'wanna be?!

Ladies, Gentlemen & Beautiful Princess

Just doing a little bit of self analysis today… would like to throw the Question out to the floor.

Its cool to organise your thoughts a little from time to time.

Probably going to be the same-ish for everyone - but its refreshing to be absolutely fkn honest. Dont know about you… but most of my friends / family wouldnt have a clue if I started talking this ****e to them :smiley:

What do I need do learn / amass before I am satisfied with my Productions?

Strengths / Weaknesses - Put it out there - commit! 

What are you actively doing about it?


So - Strengths?

1. Think I have a good ear  - I’m a really harsh critic on myself quality control wise. I’m definitely getting better @ arrangement. Today I set some markers in one of my tunes from another track & did a few lo-cuts & breaks along with the silent tracks waveform, & it sounded randomly correct.

2. Quite pleased with a couple of the tracks that I’m “attempting” to finish @ the moment. Definitely helps when you have a “musical” idea to start your track, rather than a “beat” idea - for me anyway. Its only recently that I’ve realised how easier it is to start off with a Riff etc… than the other way around.

Whats on the to-do list?

1. Mixing - I understand the layers that are needed in a track, just have to learn how to make it sound “Cleaner”. Through a lot of trial & error, I think I’ve realised how to choose the right sounds… its just a case of getting more skillful. Spectrum Analyser is your best friend.

2.  Synthesis - Need to understand why I am doing what I’m doing more, rather than having good days & bad days. I think having a definite musical idea really helps… to the extent, where I’m no longer sitting down making a cool loop… but I definitely need to get more knowledge / experience with making sounds from scratch, using lfo’s / envelopes etc… Pretend you didnt read all that - Consistancy is the word I was searching for.

What am I gonna do about it?


An actual Physical “on-site” type course or 121 tuition I think would be the best for me tbh.

Love SA - But I do think that there’s nothing like the nuggets feedback that you get when you’re in a face to face situation. Like Johnny 5 in Short Circuit - I need more input. Have a chance of some 121 later in the year & I’m going to do it. Think that’ll bring me on a few steps.

Sits back down in chair…