What do you think is the best techno sample pack?

Hi guys,

What do you think is the best sample pack for Techno out there?

I particularly want some really good percussion loops and one-shot samples for Techno.



Maybe a bit more tech house than techno but these to are amongst the best sounding ones I have.

Loopmasters GrooveTech one has very good quality sounding samples. The one shots are all really clear, mush better than allot of others.


Florian Mendhl packs are good as well, more Berlin house than Tech though, but the sound is very good.


Cheers pal. Anyone else?

I mainly use them and the Sonic Academy sample pack to be honest. There’s loads of good stuff in there.

I have got another percussion pack I use but I can’t remember the name of it, it’s more along the lines of bongos and congos.

Also I’ve got a 909 sample pack which is pretty good. There’s loads of them free on the internet.

Got only a few, but they are valuable resources:

  • Loomasters 2020Vision deep tech house and techno [LINK]
  • Loopmasters Tech House and Deep Minimal [LINK]
  • Riemann Kollektion 2: Tech House Beats [LINK]
  • Sample Magic - Minimal Techno [LINK]