What do you think of this?

Can you please tell me what you think of this track?



  • More changes.
  • More instruments/sounds - variety.
  • The song stays pretty much the same for long stretches - shorten it. Changes every 8 bars - that sort of thing. :slight_smile:
  • Think of it as a story - make your point quicker, add action, tension, etc.

I suck at mastering so I’m not going to comment on that aspect. I like the texture and where it sounds like it wants to go. It just never goes there. It’s just needs more changes. Keep going!

Sorry, checking this very, very late here :blush:

Yes, agree with @armoor comments. While Hard Techno and that genre of music can be very repetitive and somehow very minimal, more variations during the main sections would be nice, like what you did at the start of the break down part, very subliminal elements there adding a lot more interest, but yes, that part is too short and we are quickly sent back to the binary and static part of the track again and that’s a 8:30 long track, so yes, need to catch the interest with more variation or shorten the overall length of the song IMO.

Cheers !