What does my track need, what vibe does it give you?

I’m really struggling to write vocals for this track. I know it’s not quite there so I’d love to know what it is currently saying to you?

What vibe is is giving off? What story should it tell? How can it be better?

Hey there @cambii88

This is a nice track BTW, for me it has definitely a positive vibe but with a kind of sadness/seriousness background to it.

The quieter and a bit more melancholic piano parts as well as the track title itself inspires a story of someone who may have suffer but who overcome the wounds and became stronger & manage to build something positive over it, that’s where the more euphoric parts with the chopped vocals comes in.

So on a metaphoric basis, like people who cover psychical scars & wounds with positive and colorful tattoo, that’s the kind of story this track could tell IMHO. I’m more for women vocals than men when it comes to emphasis this kind of story, unless you find a very great male voice standing out the crowd, female vocals top-lines works 95% of the time for me in this register, but that’s based on what I like to listen of course.

From the idea to get from the down feeling to positive one, I think this kind of song catches this ( the genre & register is different of course, but the lyrics are a good illustration of the musical pattern sad/quite → positive/tonic/emphasis ).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey, really liking this! Great work.

I’ve ignored the response above just so that doesn’t sway my opinion. To me it definitely has a feel of some initial sadness/loss/heartbreak/memory of something or someone especially in that first break but the rest of the track feels more positive, like a “everything will be alright” feel to it. The memory of whatever the sadness/loss/heartbreak/person was still lingers in the background.

I haven’t a clue about writing vocals but I’ve always liked vocals in tracks such as the classic Need to feel loved or in some of Above and Beyonds older stuff which all have female vocals. Go for female vocals I say :slight_smile:

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Wow incredible feedback! I was thinking of taking the emotional part of the song and using it as a decoy for a very fun and loving drop. Maybe even lyrics that inspire laughter

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Female vocals I agree would be powerful here. Above and Beyond has always captured my heart. Would love to be able to write powerful lyrics like that