What genre would you call this sound?

Hey guys!

So this is my latest work , a track kind of tribal , that’s how I would call it

but you may give me your lights about the genre it actually belongs :lol:

It still needs some work , like Dark Vocals and some EQ , Volume changes and stuff , maybe some arrangement in some parts, but anyway enough talk here is the track.

Hope to get some feedback :slight_smile:

anyone some feedback ?

nice track, gets serious bass around the 3 minute mark :slight_smile:

I’d say its maybe tribal techno if thats a thing?

Hey mate, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah I like the base too, took me a while to get it like that,

still a rookie on production :smiley:

Well Tribal Techno sounds legit , I guess that’s how I should call it :smiley: