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I’d like to see a much more in depth mixing course, showing how to really get separation and depth in the mix, but if its going to be a how to make course then I’d quite like to see a minimal tech course a bit like the Adriatique stuffbr

+1 for more mixing coursebr
It will be interesting to get deeper in layering sounds and how to EQ them.

Would love to see a tut on these complex trance basslines that guys like David Gravell are achieving. I know theres lots of layering involved but i can never seem to get the same type of effect without it sounding akward.

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Hi Sonic Crew, br
I would like to see tuts for Hard style. Any of the tracks on beatport top ten for Hard dance,br
are flipping awesome. I feel like the genre is becoming more ear friendly :-). With a lot of different elements like Trance, (us) progressive, and Main room. I think this would make a awesome video series. Chk out The Bass Modulators, their track Big Bang br
Thanks, your subscriber

These would be nice:br
1.) Trancebr
2.) Layering sounds to fit nicely in mixbr

something new and fresh: chill wave, disco, breaks.

Glitch like Trifonic for example.br
or Dub Techno like Deepchord

I picked “other” because Hardstyle is not included in the main list. I think a tutorial in Hardstyle would be AWESOME!!!

A trance tutorial HAS to be done. The whole 140 sound is huge at the moment with the likes of John O’Callaghan, Bryan Kearney, Sneijder and more. Not to mention 1 half of Agnelli Nelson and 1 half of Coast 2 Coast are doing to tutorials so what more reason should there be :smiley:

[quote]lexi (28/07/2014)[hr]1 half of Agnelli amp; Nelson and 1 half of Coast 2 Coast are doing to tutorials so what more reason should there be :D[/quote]/PPcouple of the best trance producersnbsp;are onnbsp;this site. /PPmakes sense to me :D:D

Looks like the majority want EDM and Trance.br
I’m happy seeing whatever to be honest, I did opt for EDM on this occasion though. But there’s something to be learned from any genre you do so I’m easy :cool:

Techno guys are picking up some steam!

That works too :cool:

When does the voting end?

Something like Flume please, need a tutorial on a newer fresh sound :slight_smile:

What about an up to date tech house course??hardstyle is just cheesy ****,lol!!br


Techno. There are no proper Techno tutorials. Not minimal techno. Chris Liebing, Dave Clarke, Joey Beltram, DJ Rush, Green Velvet, Umek, Pounding Grooves, Adam Beyer, and Pornographic records.br
The only techno one so far is very poor.br
Please dont do a trance one there are millions of those all over the internet.

Indie Dance/Deep House from the likes of Nora en Pure, Croatia Squad ( Enormous Tunes label) They have some interesting Vocal effects ( Can’t seem to figure out) and Guitar plucks, Strings that all held together by great Piano Chords.br
Cheers br
my vote was for other