What is the difference between auto filter and eq in ableton?

What’s the difference ? Sometimes in the videos they use auto filter to cut off low frequencies. I know auto filter has lfo modulation etc but why not using an EQ Eight ?

Personally when it comes to cutting out frequencies I use the EQ Eight, i literally only use the filter for exactly that… filtering, ie: filter automated effects.

Each to their own though, they both cut out the frequencies.

But i do think that the auto filter is more ‘noticable’ with it’s cut other than EQ eight. Test it out yourself, put both into a channel, cut them both at the same Hz and turn each one off individually to see what they sound like.

Also… EQ is good for boosting as well as cutting.

Or shall I say shaping, rather than boosting. If you use Ableton check out some of the EQ8 presets - especially the formant ones - and you’ll see what I mean, stuff you could never do with Auto Filter.

That said, Auto filter is very good at doing what it does… straight up low and high pass filtering etc.