What is this Schwarzonator?

i saw a tutorial about this for people who are not so good at playing keyboards like me and this plug in helps out any tips how to get it and make it work its called Schwarzonator

its a plug-in built in Max for live, but imo you are better off getting to grips with scale and chord plug-ins inside live.

as far as i’ve found using the schwarzontator it seems very limited, i guess to explain it better i would need to know more about key’s chords and scales than i actually know :slight_smile:

what a funny *** name for a plug in ! hehehe .

[quote]alinenunez (06/04/2010)[hr]what a funny *** name for a plug in ! hehehe .[/quote]


It’s very sexy it took my like 5 min to google it :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it, you can get the idea how the patch could sound, good for putting on while you experimenting with instruments/effects maybe or learning…and for impressing girls too :wink: lol

But its not much more then a toy for now, all tho the update could be interesting.

Although Schwarzonator looks like fun especially in a live situation its not a real solution to the age old problem of guiding the end user through the minefield we call music theory, if anything it seems to make things even more complicated.

Case in point the naming of an harmonic scale to something like “leave_my_head_alone_brain” sounds more complicated than simply saying something like “c harmonic minor” :smiley:

Good try though and who knows now the project is open to feedback it could take on a completely different direction. As it stands though I think it will probably raise as many questions as it seems to answer. Not quite a fail but not far off.

btw I am currently working on an ableton project along with an associate that may help bridge the gap and plan to release it in the near future. Its basically a chord and scale sandbox. I liken it to a trojan horse full of chords and associated scales specifically designed from the producer point of view :cool: The basic idea is to guide the user until they reach the critical point of self sufficiency.

No real music theory knowledge is necessary …the only requirement is a good set of ears and yet its capable of truly outstanding chord progressions as well as some very interesting melodic tricks.

I shall soon be on the lookout for a few testers a forum administrator and someone a little bit handy in tutorial videos to demonstrate it. :slight_smile:

one of the many features that ableton is better than cubase is the use of such amazing plug ins .