What is this vocal - what is it called

hi guys, newbie here.

does anyone know what this type of vocal is called, where can i find information related to it and where to download acapellas.

also is there any synth that makes such sounds?

starts at 03:02

thanks in advance

that would be a recorded kids choir - No synth would be able to make a kids choir with words - closest you would get is children’s choir’s samples on a synth or choir sample pack - but these would mostly be ohhhs and ahhhs type phrases.

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there are choir plugins that offer the possibility to somehow recreate real words, from east west or virharmonic for example. no idea how good they are in real life applications and if there is a plugin that covers such a usecase that’s not epic symphonic or choral music.

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I thought a plug in would be limited, maybe a sample based kontakt instrument of sorts.

im managing with samples quite well so far. just a lot of work slicing and putting stuff together.

thank you all for your help