What midi keyboard and controller?

Hello, everyone!

I have a Novation SL MkII and it’s great. The only thing missing is motorized controllers.

Anyone know of a good substitute for the Novation, that also has motorized controllers?

It depends on how much you’re willing to spend… The best one is probably the Mackie Control Universal Pro. A more affordable solution would be the Behringer BCF2000

Both have motorized faders, and will work with most daw’s. The Mackie can be extended with up 3 additional fader sections, giving you a total of 32 faders/channels.

Can someone tell me What’s the benefit of motorised controllers? :slight_smile:

One slider or knob, can have more the one function. As you turn a value on one track, the same knob remembers its value, and returns to the same value, next time you enter the same track.

Basically one knob or slider can have more then one function.

Hi Tin can you tell me as you said the knob remembers the last adjusted value of the track, what are the no. of tracks i.e it can save the adjusted value for a particular track.


Tim Manning

This guy explains it good!

- YouTube