What other plugins can I use an reverb impluse with other then revolverb?

What other plugins can I use an reverb impluses with other then revolverb for PC? Anyone know or can help please

here ya go http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=convolution+reverb

i wasnt trying to be sneaky about the link. The reason you dont know is because you dont know what its called. Put it in your knowledge base.

Convolution Reverb

In laymens terms, its sampling the reflections in real spaces. Algorithmic reverb is using complex mathematical calculations to recreate those spaces.

while we are in a reverb thread just out of interest did you know that you can load any wav file into a convolution Reverb ? could be cool for experimenting

Nice tip Jon

Go funk have look at liquidsonics reverberate

I thought the convolution was only for mac? howie you are a cheeky git! lol

Anyway looking at google now…

And cheers for the tip Mussi81… more the kinda reply I was hoping for :wink: