What plugins do I need - 138 Trance with Bjorn Akesson

Hi all!

My name is Frenkie, new here and I am just started with my Studio One DAW and the turtorial 138 Trance with Bjorn Akesson. I just searched in other topics, but couldn’t find the answers I was was looking for.

I see here ( How To Make 138 Trance with Bjorn Akesson | Tutorial 01 - Intro and Playthrough ) I have to buy ANA, but during the course I saw also Kickstarter from Nicky Romero. Do I have to buy that as well? Are there more plugins I need to purchase?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there @Frenkie

For every tutorials on S.A website, if you go to the main course page and select the “Details” tab and scroll down the page, you’ll always find a “Software” area where software & plugins used in the course are listed.

In the case of this course, here it is :

This list for each tutorial is based on what SA picked up from the tutor’s project before releasing the course and it’s only informative. Having the exact same plugins is definitely not a requirement to watch and follow tutorials. It certainly can help and make it easier to follow along courses, but there’s always a ton to learn out of tutorials, even if it wasn’t made in the same DAW as yours.

Advice here is try not to fall in the trap to believe that you must have or need to buy the same plugins and pieces of software you see in tutorials. Yes, it can make things easier, but there’s always alternative plugins you can use, or even stock plugins bundled with your DAW that can do a similar job.

The all point is not to copy cat settings on a plugin but get the best out those courses, trying to grab the production techniques or the ideas behind the tutor’s project and final track. When you need to adapt the lessons and tips to your own DAW or plugins, it’s a bit more difficult for sure, but it’s definitely the best way to learn.

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Wow, I didnt expect an answer that quick. Thank you for your time and help!
Thanks @Tekalight for your advice and will do the complete course to learn and adjust everything to learn even better.

Kind regards!


No worries, you’re welcome !

Do not hesitate to ask questions after watching tutorials if something is unclear. There’s a lot of information to get familiar with when it comes to Music Production in general. It takes some time to be able to get the full picture out of the puzzle pieces you’ll get each time, but don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by this. Learn at your own pace, don’t be harsh on yourself with the results and don’t start to think it’s because you don’t have the same plugins or hardware as the tutors.

Don’t forget that they are doing this for years and they’ve been there too, nothing happens over night, it takes time and practice :wink:

Cheers !

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Yeah I will do! Thanks :slight_smile: I used to work with FL Studio ten years ago, so I hope there’s some knowledge left haha. I know producing music is something you learn by putting time into it, but I’m in it for the long haul.

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