What Plugins Do you Use?

Hey Guys imma get a big fat paycheck for making a website preety soon and i wanted to buy some plugins because i noticed i dont have any! i use the EQ and distortion available in Live i want to buy some EQ Filters and Distortion etc what do you guys recommedn and use?

Do you feel that you need them?

The are few things that I like,

for distortion check out D16 stuff: [url=http://www.d16.pl/index.php?menu=2]D16 Group Audio Software

For analog (tape,etc ) type of distortion PSP Vintage Warmer - great for gluing stuff together

And EQ…well I just love the interface and ease of use of FabFilter EQ, is just pleasure to use and its sooo pretty :wink:

You can demo all of this plugs for free too

[quote]roben (30/07/2010)[hr]Do you feel that you need them?[/quote]


Firstly i would say that the live plugs sound just as good as any if you spend some time with them but if you have got to spend cash thats burning a hole in your pocket go for

  1. I would grab some great processors Waves API Bundle And/or The waves SSL Bundle

  2. The one i wish i had grabbed when i had some Cash… Vengeance Producer Suite Multiband Sidechain Compressor

  3. The Flux Epure or Flux mastering Pack would be a nice buy

  4. Huge fan of the Brainworx BX_Digital V2 you get the MONO eq for free at the moment saving you €149.

  5. Cytomic’s Glue is worth a look but only if you can’t afford The waves SSL but thats a personal opinion and i’m sure that some would say that glue sounds better, Its a close call though.

Oh and if you have the processing power for it WAVEARTS TUBE SATURATOR sounds fantastic but the demo version maxed out my cpu after only two instances.

the Sonnox Plug-ins are the dogs dangle berries but its the same problem as waves £700+ for the collection although you could just select the odd one. although in my experience if you buy one you always end up going back for others and it costs you twice as much as it would have buying the bundle.

also a huge fan of Nomad and BBE

native? aside from some already mentioned…Elysia mpressor, dynamic spectrum mapper,spl,softube,oxford dynamics,brainworx.

i realize you were only asking about eqs and distortion plugs

also try [url]http://www.stillwellaudio.com/[/url] some prefer the Stillwell Bombardier over the SSL and Glue

FabFilter EQ is a joy to work with

SoundToys bundle

Vintage Warmer

mda free plugins

[quote]slender (30/07/2010)[hr]FabFilter EQ is a joy to work with

SoundToys bundle

Vintage Warmer

mda free plugins


Soundtoys is a must


iZotope ozone


Lexicon reverbs

and the rest is made up of Ableton’s own plug in’s.

Keeping it simple :wink:

Here is what I would do:

Sylenth - Synth for its great sound and simplicity. Great for dialing in sounds quickly.

DCAM - 3 synths in the package. They sound absolutely AMAZING, but they are also great for twiddling around and more sound design and in depth. Way more modulation capabilities then Sylenth.

Soundtoys - Includes Panman, Decapitator (distortion), Filter Freak (Filter), Phase Mistress (phaser), Tremolater (great tremolo), Chrystalizer (grain delay), and Echo Boy (arguably the best delay made). I showed it to Josh Gabriel and he was absolutely floored with Echo Boy.

PSP Vintage Warmer - Warms up your sound and is an amazing Compressor.

Above is the essentials IMO.

If you have enough cash, I would recommend getting The Waves JJP bundle. This would wrap up your EQ and Compression section. In it, you get an emulation of the Fairchild 670 Compressor, the Pultec EQP-1A EQ, and the PuigTec MEQ-5 EQ. I would use these strictly as bus compressors and EQs to warm up sound and add character. They are absolutely AMAZING. However, I could live without them and use Abletons EQ and Compressor.

out of interest howard why the JJP and Not the SSL ?

I’ve thought subject1 said that he got some money not that he won on the lottery :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]seanl (30/07/2010)[hr]I’ve thought subject1 said that he got some money not that he won on the lottery :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh trust me i got alot of money :smiley: enough for the year :smiley:

Thanks everyone i got a new shopping list :smiley:

even if you are loaded its still good to save the pennies and find the cheap deals

[url]Sonnox Oxford - Audio Plug-ins Store - DontCrack

few good ones here, great plug-ins for $20 and save $195. i got these last time


plus once you buy something you go on the mailing list and get emails every time there are deals on. i’ve save a small fortune with deals through these guys.

Anything you can DL from that site - do!

Electronic Delivery all the way. NO TAX.

Used to be a lot better when the $ was weaker - but still excellent.

The PSP Vintage Warmer can not be got for a better price that here…


You can also get Predator




And all the Ableton Instruments too… Electronic Delivery.

& Dont get hooked into the No-Brainers. Its not Pokemon - you dont have to catch them all! :smiley: