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I already have ableton in my computer and I really need some advices where to start what to buy / do , I’ll make 18y in one week and I will spend all my money with music.

Don’t buy the fasttrack pro USB. I bought it when I first started. It’s garbage!

If you are looking at the maudio firewire… I would suggest you also look at the Focusrite Sapphire Pro. It’s also $300 and it works great. I have the DSP version.

My experience with the fastrack pro USB has put me off M-Audio products for life.

they are both decent… the pro fire has better sounding pre amps so if you are recording vocals or anything they will sound better.

te pro fire also has an optical out so you can expand the number of outputs (not a particularly useful feature these days)

Im using the focusrite safari pro 24… sound great had zero problems with it.

[quote]UnitedVision (07/03/2011)[hr]Don’t buy the fasttrack pro USB. I bought it when I first started. It’s garbage!



It’s not bad for recording stuff, but when I put my headphones in them to monitor they sound like hell.

Lol the fastrack usb was also my first sound card, if your just looking for something to use to quickly get your monitors working then its fine and it does its job but in the long run you will want something a bit better, the sapphire is a nice piece of kit. I myself have a MOTU 828 mkII and I love it, its the dogs bollox it really is…

I personally wont buy anything from M-Audio ever again. The Sapphire Pro has gotten excellent user reviews though.

I have this…


does the trick…:smiley:

I have both an old Maudio firewire solo and a Focusright’s saffire 6 usb…and the saffire definitely sounds better. Both audio in from external keyboard, and audio out.

USB is fine for my work since I don’t record multiple channels at the same time (so bandwidth not really an issue like it would be if I wanted to record vocals, keyboards, lead & bass and drums live.

I returned an Apogee Duet which sounded great through my monitors, but audio-in had crappy line noise on unbalanced audio-in spaghetti cables.