What softsynth to use to make tech and deep house tracks?


i need some help for picking out some software synths to produce tech and deep house.

i have an akai mpk49 for controlling and i am considering to maybe buying a hardware synth to start with,anybody have some ideas about a hardware one that i could use for overall sounds??


It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.

In other words, it doesn’t really matter. They’re all pretty much the same. It only really matters if you like (can understand) the interface and then what you do with them creatively. Some people (some top top producers) use the cheapest materials to achieve the best results.

I was always looking for the right soft synth (I know you want hardware but it’s all relevant) to make the right sound. Always scouring sites for new patch banks or watching YouTube vids on how to ‘get’ a particular sound. But in the end I’ve realised it’s really down to me (or you) to get the best out of the tools in front of you.

I have both Massive and Sylenth. Either one can create good tech, deep house, trance, dubstep, dnb, progressive and so on music.

So, have a look at videos on YouTube of people creating sounds with the different hardware synths. If you can understand what they’re doing, why tweaking that had this effect, then you’ll almost certainly be able to get the sounds you want from that synth.

This may sound totally weird from someone who is slowly building a small studio with various hardware - I would say you dont need a hardsynth

I am not sure what DAW you have but Abletons native synths are pretty much fine for the sound you want - just need to learn them

As my friend above said Sylynth is probably added bonus to your arsenal of sounds and is dead easy to learn