What Sonic Academy Needs Now?

Hello, i finally choose a poll, because i watched all Sonic video, i find it really cool but except a lot of tip and tricks, i find this very nice for newbies… how to use daw in special kind of music etc… but i think it’s cool to think to level of members (Newbies to Pro)

Also i think it’s really basic for Audio Dynamic and it could be cool to have a real tutorial on how to Mix and made repartition of the sounds… so EQ/Compression/Gate

Open it in space with Reverb… and made all fit great

I know you can’t make tutorial for all aspects, because experimentation is the Rule but i think more tutorial in this way should be cool !


I hope this POLL working and so approve by SONIC ACADEMY TEAM !!!

SO COME ON GUYS !!! i’m sure this poll is interesting, there’s not 3202 newbies here… it’s not possible ? :slight_smile:

ONLY 12 ? :hehe:

[quote]william wild (09/04/2010)[hr]ONLY 12 ? :hehe:[/quote]

You may have a working majority :smiley:

[quote]krome (10/04/2010)[hr][quote]william wild (09/04/2010)[hr]ONLY 12 ? :hehe:[/quote]

You may have a working majority :smiley:


Damn you Krome - I thought I could get away from all the election jargon we are having in the UK currently :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh voted for sound design btw


FR = ha ha ha

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SP = ej ej ej


Come on guys !!! grow the poll :smiley:

FREEZE to 20 :frowning:

mixdowns and advanced synthesis techniques, perhaps even something fresh like fm synthesis that is quite accessible to all but few people have a comprehensive knowledge of?

advanced synthesis techniques in massive

FM is not easy for sure… but when i ear the FM8, i like just some few presets and also with the kore pack release… and more convincing by other synth of NI, i like Absynth and Massive but not for the same kind of sound… but i think you can obtain great preset because the chordpad is so beautiful

In fact, today when i watch tutorial on synthesis is too basic and sounddesign was too oriented clubby/dance … or read book on this is boring for me too much math and idiomatic notions (i’m french)

But the basics with some few sounds like great pure bass housy, detroit stab, dubby techno sound, oldschool pad, organic evolve atmosphere, 5th 7th lead… could be a very nice startpoint…

i hope one in this way

Come Guys CHAMPAGNE @ 100 members vote ! :smiley:

Hey VOTE = UP please

Sound Design ? Vote here !!! :slight_smile:

jep a sound designing tutorial would be great @ the moment i’m stuck at designing some uplifting trance pads with sylenth1 and zebra!

the other elements like plucks basses and acid fx i understand by building them from scratch after a track!

maybe there could be a nice tutorial …

i’m looking forward



50 wow wonderful !

Please Vote… !!!

Missed out on voting for this but I would have voted for

Track Construction!!!!!

[quote]rmallam (07/05/2010)[hr]

Missed out on voting for this but I would have voted for

Track Construction!!![/quote]

I think you can still vote mate as there is no time limit

Great idea!

I voted for Sound Synthesis… but I think most of them are valid.

It certainly wouldnt hurt to get more content & more indepth.

To most people, I’m sure a lot of the Vids will have elements that are totally familiar with in their own productions. Personally speaking, I tune out at these bits & wait until I hear / see something that I’m interested in. Someting more advanced, maybe with more focus on one or 2 subjects, spread fully over a few vids - not squeezed quickly into a single tutorial or tech tip.

I’d definitely like to see a lot more on sound construction of “stock” synth sounds - Stabs / More Risers & Modulation / Huge Basses etc… I’ve got Sylenth, and think this would be a good choice for these type of tutorials with all the group buys & everything going on.

& definitely something on How, what & why of the layering of kicks.

I know how to make a kick with sines,  but I just can never get it soundiing huge. Thank F*** for excellent sample libraries! :smiley:

But I’d like to see how to layer & compress a couple of kicks & the things to look out for. Nothing I have seen so far has helped me in this area.