What sorta delay is this?

Hey i have heard a certain delay trick being applied to a guitar to get a very distinct sound and was wondering if anyone knew how to get this effect going. Ill post an example up.

You can hear it throughout the whole song and in the intro, its the guitars and they feel a bit wobbly :stuck_out_tongue:

Here ive got another video which is more clear as to which effect im after cos u can actually see someone strumming the guitar :stuck_out_tongue: Its just a bad cover…

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its tremolo. its an effect on most guitar amps.

theres also a pedal - Dunlop Univibe that Jimi Hendrix and Mike Mcready (Pearl Jam) use… gives a similar sound.

Any ways to achieve this effect in the digital world, or should i just buy a Tremelo VST. I dont mind having to buy the plug its just gonna be hard getting the settings right to get a similair sound to the Smiths. Because if i remember correctly, tremelo is out of time right? Also it has some crazy phasing issues and it has to be mono right…

Sorry my guitar knowledge isnt as good as it once was lol…

I saw a Tremalo VST that claimed to keep the delays on time like a normal delay, but would that then end up just sounding like a normal delay rather than a Tremalo effect?

you can use ableton panner and just set the width to zero