What style is Xilent

i fell in love with this song by Xilent, its really the only song he has that sounds like this, but i actually just got inot music production and am working on my first song (ever), and want to know which tutorials i should be looking at and watching if i want to capture the similar style to skrillex, schoolboy, two fingers, and xilent. the song that i found is called Choose me II (dubstep mix) i really like the soft and very smooth way it sounds with the glitches and drops he has in it, so having said all that and which i do have alot of my own ideas for some originals and some remixes i want to do, what tutorials should i be watching if i want to capture the style of that song, please help me tutors, you guys rock!!!

dod you have a youtube link to the track.

The glitch step house tutorial is based on the skrillex sound. also check fidget house and dubstep/popstep for similar sounds.

hey Phil glad to see that you saw the post, here is the link, enjoy and let me know what you think and what i can do