What the difference between

what is the difference between Ableton Live 8 and Ableton Suite 8? or Steinberg Cubase 5 - Steinberg Cubase Studio 5 ?? and which one is better Steinberg Cubase 5 or Steinberg Cubase Studio 5?

1 is more expensive than the other

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ok ok just kidding.

With suite you get lots of instruments and i think extra plug in’s, etc. I haven’t got Live 8 so i’m not sure what you don’t get all I know is Suite rocks :smiley:

Thats exactly what I was going to say… :smiley:

To be honest though Mate - Its too broad of a question to be answered conclusively by chaps on a forum… :w00t:

Go to the websites of Ableton & Steinberg / Cubase… They have full product/feature comparisons between all their products, be it LE versions or full blown Suite or Studio Versions.

Price indicates you get more Instruments & Effects and possibly stuff like surround sound capabilities - maybe.

With LE versions to “Proper” full versions, there is usually a difference between amount of max channels permitted & amount of Instruments / 3rd party VST’s allowed per project.

Check out the comparisons, then come back & ask whether you really need X Y or Z and then maybe you can get the specific answers that you need :cool: :slight_smile:

Most do full demos (I know with Suite anyway… ) so you can check it out before you part with your childrens inheritance! LOL :wink: