What to use in cubase as equivalent to ableton's simpler

since a lot of your tech tips (incl. how to make) are ableton based and i am a cubase user, i have asked myself

how can i create a playable sound/tone in cubase (to have the functionalities that has simpler in ableton). in other words: i want to play the notes with an imported audio sound/file (e.g., among many other, swedish house mafia) in cubase.

thank you very much. you are doing a great service. all the best!

hallion 2 allows you to upload a wav sample and lays it across the piano roll. just like simpler.

check to see what version of hallion that you have… they are up to halion 3 now.

yaehh halion is the answer of your question . steinberg are planning to release Halion 4 this year . so save up your money bro . :smiley: