What's been going on here?

Hey gang!

It’s been a great while since I’ve the chance to post anything useful or at all. I’ve been on the road extensively for the last couple of months and am just now getting things back to normal on the home front. Wish I could say the trips were all fun and games, but the majority of it was work related… So expect to hear from me often again, cuz we all know I don’t know when to shuddup! :slight_smile: Hope to put something useful in your heads again soon. Until then, back to the beats.


Oh yeah! Who won the remix contest?

Good to have you back!!!

[quote]phil johnston (03/06/2010)[hr]Good to have you back!!![/quote]

Thank you kind sir!


So I take it that no one won the remix comp?


I did wonder where you’d disapeared too Raymond! Welcome back :slight_smile:

Thnx partna! I missed you guys and being able to get involved with discussions and whatnot. I had to watch from a distance for the last few months and was just itching to get home and dive back in!


OH NOOOO! Not you again! :wink:

welcome back my fellow californian

Welcome back mate… I thought you got banned or something lol