What's PHASE exactly

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would be nice to get some explanations about phase … someone knows it deeply?

depends what phase you are talking about?

if it’s the phase i think you are asking about i may have a video somewhere that goes into it quite deep, i’ll have a look to see if i can find it. you maybe able to find out more from mastering videos or books on mastering.

In fact …i work on Ozone 4 and there’s a phase modulation device (wow hard to translate) and i wanted to have a full view of this before starting to destroy my works…:slight_smile:

Isn’t it something to do with the alignment of the waveforms? So if you make a sound from two sine waves from separate oscillators, essentially the sound you get will be identical because both waves are moving up and down at the same time. When you add a phase, I think it gradually shifts the movement of one of the waveforms so the two are no longer moving up and down at the same time, creating the phased sound. That said, however, I have absolutely no background in music or sound theory, and am guessing this completely.


there's that or when you use a lot of eq boosts or cuts on every channel they all cause a slight delay and smear the final sound, or it could be a phase that is caused by speaker placement.

[quote]sdg (8/3/2009)[hr]- YouTube

thats not a bad video but i really wanted to hit that guy lol.

if you are talking about the Phase ± correlation thing then groove3 do a great mastering video and he explains it well in there.

i can’t really say much as i am barely learning this myself.

always check soundonsound…one of the best resources for audio engineering subjects:

Phase Demystified

thank you all…:slight_smile:

so is it better for you mix to be in a + or - phase??? something i really don’t understand lol

You’ll regret ever finding out about it Man. You’ll become obcessed with it, wondering if everything is in phase or not - Haha!

I dont fully understand it… but what you need to know is that the “Bad” kind of phase that destroys tracks, usually ends up making small sections or large parts sound “weak”. This happens due to the Phase cancellation.

A Guy told me ages back that if you want to be really Anal about it, mixing in mono on just one speaker really helps. You’ve got little to worry about when you’ve panned in mono, found the right place for everything & it still sounds good. You can do the m/s thing on Ozone I think… but one speaker is best.

When you flip to Stereo, 90% of the work is done. He said its ideal for mixing for the Club… and also reduces any phasing issues.

I’ve never done it, & he’s never had anything played in a club either… so I cant be 100% sure either way - So dont shoot me if its BS! :wink:

thank you …:slight_smile: