What's that you say?

Bring on the coffee pot!

How the heck have ya been?

Here’s my update:

I’m still a SAHM. My girl goes to kindergarten this fall. I am excited, but busy as heck with her outgrowing her cage hehe. We went to Liberty Park yesterday, a local park with a pond and sprawling grassy areas and an aviary, etc. We fed half a loaf of bread to a hundred hungry ducks and had a blast. I’ve been cooped up too long!

I don’t have photoshop loaded. You know how odd that has been for me for the past couple of months? For most of the Spring, my hubby was out of work (4 months) and we have been living kinda “slim” while we got things in our home back under control and he got back to work. Gotta love our economy. I am putting my faith in it getting better soon, because I know there are so many who are not able to make ends meet right now. I have been pretty uninspired, I won’t lie. I’m getting that back, if I have to kick and scream the whole time.

I haven’t blogged in god knows how long. I haven’t scrapped either. I have been busy making memories, and as the school year starts I am hoping to have a few more minutes in my day to put them down on paper

Do you drink Tea?

How excited are you on a scale of 1 - 10, where 10 is REALLY FU**ing excited & 0 is sucidal and depressed?

Why do you have your child in a cage?

Just ONE pond?

What species of Duck?

What type of bread was it?

Is slim the new obese?

Does God exist?

What type of paper will you use?