Whats the better way to record my sets?


I have been recording my sets with traktor scratch pro, running this latter and recording internally. Im very confused and astonished because I realize that the audio quality is not the best one or Im missing something. Some weeks ago I recorded a set in a different stuff, the set up was macbook with traktor scratch pro, audio 8, allen & heath xone 92 and cdj 1000 MK3 - IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, THE RCA OUTS OF THE ALLEN & HEATH WAS CONNECTED TO A VERY BASIC AUDIO INTERFACE (M-AUDIO) AND THIS LATTER TO A PC RECORDING THE FINAL AUDIO IN LOGIC.

My set up is exactly the same but without the M-Audio and the PC with logic, I record connecting the RCS outs of my A&H to channel D in Audio 8 and I just click record button within traktor.

My surprise is that the set recorded with my friend sounds incredibly better than all mines, does anyone can tell me why? it is supposed that my Audio 8 is much better than such audio interface, so I don´t understand, please help me, I want to understand why. It sounds like it was mastered, very clear with color, dynamics, etc

thanks in advance

Can you please reword this. I am confused as to which way you recorded each set. Can you do set up #1 and explain the signal flow, set up #2 etc.

For example, my setup for recording:

DJM800 rca record out → macpro 1/8inch line input

Recorded using Sound Studio 3

Make sure you use the record out on your mixer and not another line out. if you are recording directly into a pc, you may need a better sound card. Macs today have a decent soundcard and I record all my sets directly into my macpro.