What's the latest version as of today, v2.5.2 or v2.5.3?

Just curious, on my SA account it’s saying v2.5.2 is the latest.
But somebody alleged that the Slate version (Ultra Bundle) is already v2.5.3 of ANA.

Is that true? I can’t see the current version on the Slate page (don’t have an account there).

And if it’s true, how can it be that the Slate version is more up-to-date than SA’s own version??

Yes, that’s correct.

There are slight differences between the 2 versions ( i.e. : the SD version uses iLOK for activation ) and therefore new versions are released based on development schedule and the need to address bugs that might be specific to one version or another, so there’s usually a difference between the SA and the SD version release number and a new build always increments the release version number.

There’s no new feature in v2.5.3, its only some bug fixes ( see release notes below ).

A new SA version will be available soon.

When you want to know what version is available for Slate Digital, you can check their Installers Page.

Cheers :sunglasses:

Release Notes:

- fixed issue where mod matrix targets not showing in the mod matrix list
- fixed issue with missing text in the lfo and genv sections

- Fixed bug where sample locations are not saved when importing and saving a MSPr
- Fixed issue with long load times on Windows PC when loading a resource heavy Multisample
- Fixed bug where plugin would crash if an open input text box was on screen upon closing the GUI


Thanks for clarifying!
And thanks for linking to that page, probably wouldn’t have ever found that.

Whole thing isn’t a biggie for me. I only read somewhere about two days ago v2.5.3 is out, and wanted to update today but then saw there’s only v2.5.2 available.
Just thought it’s odd and since I didn’t know that installers page at Slate I couldn’t look up if it’s really v2.5.3 there.

All good, I wouldn’t trade for iLOK s**t if it was 5 versions ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

thx :sunglasses:

EDIT: @Tekalight
may I ask you where you’ve taken the Release Notes from?

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Yeah, agree it’s a bit confusing to read about a new release & not seeing the same version in your account.

I got the Release Notes from the Slate Digital installer, have both versions for testing purpose here.

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thanks for the info :+1:

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I really want to use v2.5.3 (mod matrix issue)
can’t wait!

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Any news on when Sonic Academy customers get the bugfixes in v2.5.3?

No release date announced yet but it should be available soon hopefully :sunglasses:

Once a new release is made public, the download link is updated in accounts, so you’ll see v2.5.3 in there once it’s been released :+1:

My Account/My Downloads/Plugins ( sign in required ).

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Thanks Tekalight. It still says “Latest Release - v2.5.2”.

The new version has not been released yet, that’s what I meant in my previous reply :wink:

Actually, the next version is probably gonna be v2.5.4, including all v2.5.3 updates + new updates.

Again, don’t know yet about a public release date but that should be available soon from what I know.

Cheers :sunglasses:

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Still no 2.5.3, still no 2.5.4.

Why does it take so long for Sonic Academy users? This is a Sonic Academy product, right? Why do we have to wait so long while Slate users got the update weeks or even month ago?

From what I know, a new v2.5.4 internal release candidate was confirmed. From there it takes some time before getting a public release available. You’ll be notified when the next release is ready :+1:

Cheers :sunglasses:

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@deepspace @lucky_red @nachtblau9

ANA v2.5.4 is Now available in your My Acount/My Downloads/Plugins area :+1:

thanks for the heads-up. will have a look at it this weekend. hopefully all major annoyances got ironed out.

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