Whats up with the marketing?

The synth is amaazing!

For a month I have been going though forums, watching youtube, reading articles and trying demos - obsessively trying to find a new synth - and I never even realised ANA 2 existed. I accidentally found ANA 2 by coincidence (Multipliers youtube video) but could just as well never have found it at all.

I’m guessing you are aware of how under the radar it is? I can’t even find a review!

Just a bit worried that you won’t get the message out and that ANA 2 won’t get the (developer) love it deserves.

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We will be starting a much larger marketing campaign for Ana 2 soon :slight_smile:

We wanted to iron out existing bugs first !

There is a review coming in issue 254 of computer music mag

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ok! :slight_smile: