What's up with trance tut?

im starting to annoy myself with this but, hell, i’ll give another bash, why not!!!

new trance tut phil??? whats the update on it?? is anything happening with it??

if not, then let the +1’s flood in my fellow trance addicts ( if any on here )!!!



u know I dont even think chris agnelli is doin the one he was ment to be with the take over and all that but I dunno… tight lipped on this one!

+1’ing yourself.

Never seen that before! LOL

[quote]ICN (22/10/2010)[hr]+1’ing yourself.

Never seen that before! LOL[/quote]

need to boost momentum on this one!!

+1 :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

it WILL happen :slight_smile:

guys we’re not getting into this again.

We have a list of courses to do and Trance is one of them - when its ready it will be made available on the site - sorry we cant be any more specific on this.