Whats your top 5 Sounds?

post your fav sounds from any style of music you like, could be anything you like from a lead, bass, pad or even just an effect you love. doesn’t matter what order they are in.

the organ bassline from show me love

The lead/bass from Sweet dreams

that waammph sound from Dooms Night

The bassline from Blue monday

and of course the bassline from Billy jean

you didn’t mention which sounds you like from them Krome :slight_smile:

[quote]jon_fisher (10/4/2009)[hr]you didn’t mention which sounds you like from them Krome :)[/quote]

true :smiley:

all of them really.

The Bassline from the Hardfloor mix of Yeke Yeke

The lead synth in the breakdown of Nerva - Modo VII… In fact, every last aspect of this song is utterly sublime. It’s probably number 2 of my all time greatest songs. As Stupid as it sounds this song could almost make me cry!

The intro to Omni Trio - Haunted Kind (my number one all time favorite tune)

The lead about half way into Andaluia

And of course my reasonably new favorite - the dirty intro to Deadmau5 - SGhosts n Stuff

Great thread Jon

oh yes forgot about the Deadmau5 dirty intro, very good choice.







it probably obvious what i love about these tunes

  1. The dirty thick bassline from the live ‘Stress’ remix by Justice.
  2. Flea’s bass sound on ‘Higher Ground’ and ‘Mellowship Slinky…’
  3. The synth lead in The Prodigy’s ‘Voodoo People’ at around 2min 25sec
  4. Mr Hendrix’s wah on ‘Voodoo Child’
  5. The machine gun riff in the middle of ‘One’ by Metallica. Rock on.

    +1 for the thread idea, Jon. Stroke of genius. :smiley:

Cosmic Baby - Heaven’s Tears (Jam el Mar remix)

The synth line introduced at 2.26


16 years on and I still have no clue how he did that.