When and how to add Groove


Wondered if you could help out with a couple of questions on Groove:

  1. I was watching the video on Swing which talks about moving the weak 16ths to get swing. Do you ever move the strong 16ths on drum or synths parts? Or would this just sound wrong?

  2. Do you always add the same quantisation (16c for me in Logic) to all parts in an Electro or House track or do you keep some parts straight or even apply different grooves to different parts?

  3. 16c doesn’t always sound quite right for the synth parts in the Electro House tracks that I want to make. Any suggestions for Logic?



You can mix and match to an extent.

Like i would tent to have hats and percs stronger swing than bass and synths.

It can be hard to get perspective when your ears tune in too much to the groove… You start thinking things that arnt perfectly synced are wrong but a bit of timing variation can keep thungscinteresting andcmore organic.

Listen to Rui da silva - touch me its timing is all over the place but it still has a really nice feel.

Cheers Phil

As ever, massively helpful and really quick response. The sub support section for me is one of the best features and most useful features of SA

Thanks again