When Nomad Spectrum/Bipolarbeats meets Joy Division

After a few too many pints me and my mate decided to give us a challenge of remixing Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control

Here’s my full on hard techno version

[hr] She’s Lost Control - Joy Division [Nomad Spectrum Techno Bootleg] by Nomad Spectrum

and Bipolarbeats - breaks version


This was all done in the name of fun - mine really only took a day

fun remix, quite psychedelic sounding :smiley:

nice one, I love joy division :smiley: not really my style but it’s a cool remix, the middle part sounds crazy.

cool stuff mate… left comment already on sc… :wink:

Thanks folks - as i said it was only for a bit of fun and a challenge to see if we could do it and nothing else

Still It did take me back to my full on techno days :wink: