When releasing a track on label what to offer remixers?

From the business standpoint, I’m curious as to what you offer remixers of one of your tracks. I signed a contract for 50% of net sales. And we are going to have remixers on the EP as well. So it would seem fair to me to give a remixer 25% of sales of that track. But does that change based on the remixer? If I try to get a remixer who’s bigger than we currently are, do we offer him more than 25%?

Anyone have any ideas?

I think i only got 20% for a remix i did last lol. Would have been chuffed with 25!

In my day remixing was done for a flat fee.

You should only be giving a remixer a percentage of the recording income (MCPS) not the publishing income (PRS)

Recording income is given to the persons who are recorded on or facilitated the recording the track publishing is given to the person who wrote the song/Track.

there is also performance income (PPL) if you physically performed on the record… this includes programming drum machines, playing keyboards and vocals etc.

Splits should be arranged accordingly… a vocalists might get 50% of writing, recording and performance

a writing Producer could get similar.

a remixer might get x% recording and x% performance depending on weather they added any new instrumentation.

A session guitarist could get X% recording x% performance

Normally the label organises that side of thing. They have a set contract and they give the remixer 20 - 25% of sales.

You as an artist don’t have to worry as the label should have this written into your contract and you shouldnt have to make the percentage decision yourself.

With bigger labels you can discuss amounts as they often try and take a larger cut for themselves and with the last contract i signed i did a few changes on the contract before i would agree to it to make sure i wasnt being ripped off or the remixer etc

Correct me if i’m wrong guys but I hear sometimes the original producer and remixer, remix each others track in a deal of their own these days?

Example the producer get a remixer and in turn without any money being involved when the remixer has an original tune you have to remix that.

I might be talking out of me arse though

A remix swap?

Yes this can happen it depends on the label though. Some like to pick who remixes from their bunch of artists others are happy to have the artist pick who remixes in return for a remix for them.

[quote]phil johnston (24/01/2011)[hr]a vocalists might get 50% of writing, recording and performance


I remember mentioning this a few months back and everyone on the forum jumped on me saying i was wrong lol.

[quote]Japwow (25/01/2011)[hr]A remix swap? [/quote]