Whens too much?

Hi fellow enthusiasts,

I s there a set amount of tracks you can use to fill the audio spectrum, obviously it depends on the character of each track but is their a kind of basic we can set to…ie…bass,hi hats, ride, pads etc…then develop our own amount to fit our style. Many musicians often say to minimise the amount often creates the best tracks…

im trying to get a Loco dice/ Hector Couto sound going and the more i listen to their production the more i hear…reckon most of it is with effects but having a basis to initially set to would help clear my work flow…

P.S, ive studied with point blank but find your tutorials more to the point and helpful…well done dudes, keep the tutorials rollin!!

Alot of that is going to depend on how good your mixing is?

As a general rule, the more sounds you add to a track, the harder it’s going to become to mix!

When you see alot of professional tracks that have, say, 100 channels plus, it’s because those guys are so, so good at layering sounds that they can get away with it, or because they are very good mixers and arrangers, and alot of the sounds aren’t playing constantly throughout the track, and all at the same time, so they don’t clash.

Personally, some of the best sounding tracks i have produced use less channels - and the key is making sure every single sound in your track is amazing!!!