Where are the updates? I feel ripped off!

Hi there,

the main reason I was getting a subscription was because I thought I could learn here how to produce in different styles. Especially the bit-sized tutorials caught my eye.

Now the subscription still is expensive but I feel the site is more concerned with selling stuff and making a good first impression than delivering on its promise to teach how to produce modern music production.

The big tutorials really cover the basics and that you can learn in many parts of the web … I thought I’d get a bite-sized tutorial where secrets of the pros and tutorials on how to imitate famous house producers like Axwell, Ingrosso, Ian Carey ect. can be learned.

All I see is the shops getting revamped and there are no more bite sized tutorial, much less tutorials on music theory and sound design …

I hope this is gona change soon!



Hi Pablo,

We really do try to do our best to keep the content flowing through.

we realize spending too much time on one genre or style could cause some of you to fell left out in the cold.

There’s a lot that goes in to a video… research, building the track, video screen grabs voice over and edit. etc.

I know this isnt really your concern you just want more videos… all i can say is there will be more videos the videos will be good quality informative and relevant.

We have a started a recent series on techhouse and there is also a breaks tutorial in production.

Doing a more commercial house tutorial is our next plan… eg Axwell, Ingrosso, Pryds etc.

If there are any specifics about how to get certain sounds off certain tracks i am more than happy to help.



I think the rate at which there has been bit size tutorial releases has been fantastic, there was been xmas and NYE and its only now two weeks into the new year, so it’s understandable there hasn’t been anything around Dec but the standard and quality of the videos we are getting at the moment are fantastic. I’d rather wait whilst receiving the standard we’re getting than getting anything less but at a quicker rate.

Keep up the fantastic work Phil + Team

I’m very anxious too… looking forward to new vids

breaks breaks breaks!!!

[quote]raymondsar (2/18/2009)[hr]breaks breaks breaks!!![/quote]

Yeah that would really interesting indeed.

I’m also begging for more new videos.