Where Can i Download The Sylenth Synth For Cubase 5?

hi im currently doing one of your tutorial videos for making progressive house in cubase 5.

ive just finished doing the drums and im now on video 5, adding the bass. the video shows the guy bringing up a synth which isnt originally included with cubase 5.

ive downloaded the course content files and cant sem to find anything about this.

is this something that sonic academy provides and can someone point me in the direction of it and how to properly install it.

ive only just started producing and using this software so im not that confident and could really do with some help here


[quote]ctg23 (04/05/2011)[hr]?[/quote]

You can find it here Mate… its not a free one I’m afraid.


oh thats a shame, for nearly £100 is this really worth it or are there better synths out there?

thinking i might just stick to playing about with the synths that come with cubase for a bit until i get my head round how they all work properly, then move on

Sylenth is genuinely a top notch synth… but the cubase ones are decent too if a little thin sounding.

defo play about with the cubase ones until you are comfortable with basic programming.

try following the subtractive synth course and apply it to cubases prologue.

yeahh i agree Prologue is pretty decent. but i also would recommend to invest in Sylenth . sounds way much better than the Prologue IMO.

The Sylenth demo never stops working, it just has a nag noise every now and then. If you don’t want to buy it, but do want to follow along with the lessons I would start with the demo.

Will remember that Ant for other people in future - Nice one :cool: