Where do you all get your work mastered

I’m sure some of you master your own work. I can master, but I know pros can master better than me. So where do you get it done and how much are you paying for them to master? and to mix? Thanks in advance.

mixing and mastering are usually done by two different people when you pay for it to be done professionally, mixing these days normally cost a lot more that the average mastering company the usual price sit’s around the £100 area and mastering around £30-£80 per track.

ry thomas from this forum is a good place to start and you would have andi vax work on your track, he’s extremely good and knows his stuff

cool, thank you for the advice. Wish the prices were cheaper, but I understand. There is a guy on dj forums who masters for 30 bucks. I’m going to try his work and then I’ll check out the guy you mentioned above. Thanks again.

be careful when it comes to mastering :slight_smile: , some guys will literally master anything.

this is not a put down on any of your work!!!

if your track is not mixed well some of these guys who do mastering will not let you know that it needs a better mix, they will simply master it how it is to make their money. the good mastering companies will let you know if it needs a better mix before it is mastered. the mixing stage can make a huge difference when it comes to the mastering.

you can’t polish a turd :slight_smile:

a good mixdown and good mastering can make the difference between a floor filler or a shelf filler :slight_smile:

I use this guy to master my tracks.


Great service, competitive price and easy to deal with.

You can check out my tunes at Connecting to the iTunes Store.

As Jon said though… make sure your mix down is good (I always check mine on my car, on my hi fi, on my ipod etc) and then talk to the master engineer about what you want specifically.

I usually use the technical terms… loud in a club without sounding pants! works for me! :slight_smile:

Tried writing s h i t but it changed it to cool LOL

Some good info here thanks.

It always annoys me when I hear the difference between a released track and one of my own. Obviously I am still very much learning, but sometimes it can make you feel like there is such a long way to go, then I have to remind myself the pro’s are getting all their stuff properly mixed and mastered.

It’d be interesting to hear a track from someone pre mix down and mastering, straight from Ableton.

From someone who is getting tracks released, but not for long enough that they can do it super well themselves.

I had ‘the answer’ mastered by Massive Masters in Brighton, they Master the freemasons tracks amongst others, are very good.

Not sure on cost, i was lucky due to knowing the right people who were ‘bored’ that day lol.

Is it the more you pay the better a track is mastered?

Or does it go by the length??

This Guy does all of my mastering. :smiley:


haha at the last post

Fisher thanks for the advice man. You always seem to come through.

Also, it is very discouraging when you get done working on your tune at peek level on you lap top and then listen to itunes and realize yours sounds like s h i t.

I left my thanks to belmiro out. Thanks for the reference. I’m going to check that out as well

its not your track thats possibly lacking dude. i know what you mean about want your tracks to sound like compared to commercial releases.

i blame the software companies for this, on their website they fill your head with crap about the artist that use their software :slight_smile: take Propellerheads for instance.

they would have you believe that liam has written and produced everything that the prodigy have done in the last 4 years in reason. and totally forgot to mention that the tracks were completed and mixed down in pro-tools then mastered buy a top engineer (also not using reason) , then they wonder why people become disheartened using the software and not getting the results.