Where to get spanisch vocals?

juszt wondering where to get spanisch vocals,that are now popular in the tech house and minimal tracks???

any ideas??


a Spanish singer * sorry * :slight_smile: i’ll get my coat

i will have a look and see if i can find any sample packs with spanish vocals, but can’t say ive personally came across them before.

can you give an example of some songs?

Julio Iglesias comes to mind. I have his phone number if you need it…

please find some spanish vocals at freesound.org.

there are a lot of other online-libraries… but i know for sure that freesound has spanish slang vocals. :slight_smile:

Is it free to use samples from Freesound.org in your songs ?

they are mostly creative commons licensed which means you can do what you want with it except sell the individual sample in a library etc.

i think there is a bit of info for each sample letting you know what you can do with it.

there are a few samples ive come across on those type of site which seemed to be from commercial tracks or sample cds… not sure where you would stand in that case.