Where to place HPF and LPF

How’s it going guys?!br
Quick question… I wanna put HPF as an effect on my track. I have seen lots of tutorials and they always say that master channel should be empty before mastering. So where should I place my filter so it would effect all my channels?br
I’m using ableton live 9.br
Thanks in advance.

Depending on your setup the easiest way could be to bounce each group of channels (say, bass+kick, pref, synths, fx) to four (in the case of the example I’ve just given) audio stems.br
Then group them and place the HPF in the group channel track.br

Or just set it up on one track, sort the automation out then copy and paste it too all other tracks/groups that you want it on!

I think you might be over thinking this. PWhen people say don’t put anything on the master, they mean don’t do any mastering yourself if you are sending stuff off to be mastered i.e. don’t add dynamic effectsnbsp;nbsp;such as compressor or limiters etc.nbsp;or overall sound colouring such asnbsp;saturation that sit over the whole track unchanging./PPIf you have an effect that is part of the track composition to be automated as certain points, such as your filters,nbsp;that you want t affect the whole track it is fine to put them on the master I think.nbsp;PThat said, bouncing to audio is often a good way to go effects like these.

Thank you guys for all your replies.

audio animals is the best place for mastering a track for its pricebr