Which labels are 'big' for tech-house/techno?

I’ve just finished a new track and want to get as much exposure as I can of course by signing to as big a label as possible. I’ve posted the track here and in the other ‘own tunes/mixes etc’ forum.

I’d be grateful for any advice from folks on labels this style of track might suit. Obviously Toolroom has taken over the Beatport charts. I also listen to everything that comes out on Umeks label 1605. I like Drumcode but this track is not the right style. Other than that I’m a bit lost as I don’t really follow other labels.

I think that I might listen to releases from a pile of labels on beatport then check how many followers they have on soundcloud/facebook to see which ones are the biggest? If anyone has any other advice or comments on the track I’m all ears! Cheers :slight_smile:

Broken Toy (CLIP) by Geiger & Gwoa

Rising Music - Chris Lake’s label is pretty big.

Circle is another big label.

Definitive Records is another up & comer.


Hey K - Good to see you around Man!

That track certainly aint cheesy enough for Toolroom! :w00t: :slight_smile: :cool:

Moon Harbour is a label that has a commercial sound, but the tracks I hear always seem to have an non-generic edge.

[url]Moon Harbour Recordings

Its the only one I can think of right now… Like the track… the middle bit is wicked. What happens after?! LOL :) 

U’ll have to wait for the release to find out man - it’s all about building anticipation isn’t it :wink:

A mate of mine has just started a brand new label ‘Black Rail Records’ [url]http://soundcloud.com/blackrailrecords[/url]. He has a few releases lined up and I’ll be able to put it out through him if I don’t get an established label for it so it’s no big sweat.

But seeing as this is the best track I’ve done yet I’d like to get maximum exposure from it. It would have took me 4 weeks to do a track before and I was never really happy with the results. This one took me just over a week and I’m starting to feel like my game has stepped up a bit, a lot more control in getting the sounds that I want etc.

Many thanks for the listens and suggestions lads :slight_smile:

Thats pretty cool then if you can sort that out.

Best of luck with it - Keep us posted :cool:

I dont think any techno/tec house labels are considerd big as hardly annyone buys it…

Cool… So have you got the names of any small labels that would be suitable?

all of them…

Fair play. You win a cookie.

Good Tech house labels:

Get Physical

Buzzin Fly



The best thing to do is go to Beatport and search under Techno, or Tech House, or whatever. Then, go and look at the top 10 charts and look at the labels that are there. It might not be an indication of the biggest labels, but they promote and have successful releases. Thats what I would do.

Lol, you’re right Howie but if you did that right now you’d find Toolroom have about 17 of the Top 20 tracks on Beatport. All from their latest Miami mix album

Yes, it is all very Toolroomy there at the moment.

Take a look at these as well:



then i would check into the top 100. another thing is you can see the top 20 or whatever from a few weeks ago. So look at the charts at the beginning of the year.

I’ve just went thorugh the process of sending out some demos I like howie says, I look over the top 100 on beatport and audiojelly, check out what they had and their webpages and took it from there. Also put a sample on soundcloud and fire some out. I’ve had labels contact me this way too.

Wouldnt it also be a good idea to send your track out to some big djs in the genre to get your track heard and get interest for it. I sent my first track to marco v and he wanted to sign it to his label. Im guessing minimal djs hav their own labels to? Also I sent it to mark sherry and he said it wasnt for him, six months later when it was released and I got the feedback sheet back, there he was mark sherry going on about how awesome the track was etc, I always felt this was a bit weird…?