Which version you prefer?

Could use a bit of help with deciding which one to finish. Like both vocals, but need to pick one.


Thanks for your time!

Personally prefer V1. I think its cause the vocals are less prominent giving space for the whole track to shine.

The vocals in V2 take too much of the attention away from other elements in the track.

Plus V1 reminds me a teeny bit of Hot Chip’s Flutes, Sasha’s remix anyway.

Thanks. Like that comparison with Sasha :wink:

I like version 1 better as well. This song makes me want to go spend money at a high end retail store :hehe:

Hahaha! Nice one.

Glad you like it :smiley:

Yeah, the first one is chill!

First one - version 1 is much better!

The vocal is more melanchony which fits with the sound of the track better.

I do have an eccentric taste but version 2 sounds awesome… Sounds more complete or something… This is the sort of music I would expect in a yacht party

Version 1 is hot, version 2 not so much.

Thanks for your tastes :Dbr
Will have to first finish another tune before I pick this one up again…