Whilst dusting off the old vinyls, I came across a Psycatron mix!

A little birdy just told me a story that once upon a time here were two guys, they were called Psycatron, now these guys they worked hard whilst their fair maidens prepaired their tea, and upon this time a ‘Supreme Being’ by the nameth of Roben came across a treasure, hidden away deep within the volts of the Internet.

A magic lamp he found! And upon this a man called Paul Hamill granted him safe passage towards a very special treasure, this treasure may or may not have loops and samples from the following tracks:

Tokyo Black Star - Kagura

Samuel L Session - Choose One

Ben Klock - Napoleon Hill

Glimpse - Drifting

Klovn - I want You (Klovn Remix)

Dan Curtin - Marsupial

Milton Jackson - Rhythm Track (Jimpster Remix)

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Halleluyah Yeah

Gaving Herlihy - Watch Ya Feet (Berlin Mix)

Dop - I’m Just A Man

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - I Was on My Way To Hell

Shlomi Aber - Namgo

Marco Carola - The Tribe

Marco Carola - Bloody Cash

Sebo K - Diva

SIS - Nesrib

Psycatron - Oglala

D’Julz - Fleurette

Frankie - Melo Melo

Dave Dk - Mono Rain

Andre Winter - Karma

Johnny D - Orbitalife

Aleksander Tenchevski - Borough

Allesio Mereu - Fresh Wind

Tim Wright - Thirst - Luciano Remix

Polder - Strange Ways

Shades Of Gray - Moog In the House

Ronald Christoph - Underground Limbo

Milton Channels - You Lose

Jet Project - Do It Like This - Fergie Remix

Josh Wink - Counter Clock 319 - Chris Liebing Remix

Miniminds - The Muffler - Psycatron Remix

Psycatron - Deeper Shades Of Black -(DK7 Retouch )

Pitto - Feeling

Lee Jones - Soon - The Moles MMD Mix

Josh Wink - Stayoutapella

DJ Hell - The Disaster

Gui Boratto - Ballroom

Alex Flatner - Soul C.A. Jones - Einzelkind Mix

Chymera - Sumatra

Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another E

Telefon Tel Aviv - I Made a Tree On The World

AND it may or may not be found at the following links…

Hi-Res Version (178mb)


Lo-Res Version (78mb)


:cool: :cool: :cool:

WOW! the lost mix of athena!!!

i though the mix had been lost centuries ago…

the myth states…

“the one who shall find the lost mix of athena gains the ultimate power of tunage for eternity (and beyond… init).”

:blink: I hardly know any of them songs.