Whilst this is good

I don’t think that Kompakt would sign and release it if it wasn’t from a famous name like Gui. Maybe a small label but not Kompakt.

Gui Boratto - The Drill (KOM 232) by Kompakt

What do you tech heads think?

I really like Gui Boratto, but I see where you are coming from with this - it really isn’t his best stuff.

I think you are right, if it was made by someone else it wouldn’t be on Kompakt, but that is true of a lot of tracks.


Having not listened to anything from Kompakt for the last 3/4 years… and Gui B - I would say that its definitely a melting of both their styles.

Kompakt - The Glam Rock Shuffle

Gui Baratto - The Tech-Lite  / Half Prog sound.

Seems like a plausable combo. Havent listened to Kompakt in a few years as I’ve said - and this wouldnt entice me back as a frequent flyer… but I can see how it injects something “newish” to both their styles. I dont know if they have been making tracks like that anyway… but it sounds a little different - shuffly & proggy.

Boring as hell though.

for a man who’s released a great tune like no turning back, I think this is a bit of an insult, it’s like he didn’t even try. it’s not terrible but if someone showed this to me and said it was gui boratto I wouldn’t believe them.

Do people copy Gui’s sound when he does something newish?

Would be funny if loads of people started copying this style especially if they had never heard any of Kompakt.

Not LOL Funny - but just amusing in a “You’re a wanker” kinda way.

yeah, funny in the way that I find it funny that so many people commented on this song. I bet if it wasn’t Gui Boratto half of them wouldn’t bother

I don’t know either person, so from a new listner’s standpoint…it’s ****e.

However, it reminds me of Depeche Mode a little bit and wouldn’t be as bad if there were some vocals behind it, but even that wouldn’t help this garbage.

Jon - It seems the reviewer on RA agrees with you, although said in a far more pretentious way.


[quote]Gui Boratto’s “Drill,” likewise, finds the Brazilian producer seemingly still in water-treading mode, with gangrenous synth warbles atop a full-room grind. It seems to avoid contact though, bodyless, content to swirl about instead of fully submerging you in its thick froth. As with much of his forthcoming third record, it’s darker and more caustic than much of his past material, but the changes seem clumsy and mal-developed, like he’s just retreated into adolescent moodiness instead of maturing.[/quote]

Ha, yeah you’re right. Though it would have been much shorter if he’d said “It’s w@nk.”

Or “Looks like the teaboy knocked this one out when Gui was in the loo.”